From processor to the cloud, possibilities in data management seem as limitless as the sky itself. With Gordon, data center design and construction is limitless too.

For 55 years Gordon, Inc. has delivered innovative architectural and engineered solutions for interior and exterior commercial building architecture. Gordon’s Data Center Division addresses securities and containment challenges and takes a multidisciplinary approach to developing superior solutions with matchless support and services. With Gordon there are not limits, only impassioned innovation.

Gordon’s diverse selection of data center structural ceiling grids provide the required support to meet your project suspension and attachment needs for Imperial and Metric product applications.

Gordon’s modular partition wall, designed for compatibility with structural ceiling grids, is a demountable partition, providing a clean, secure barrier between tenant spaces, equipment corridors and the data hall.

Gordon’s Security Wall System is a demountable wall system and is designed for secure separation of tenant spaces within the colocation data hall.

Gordon DataCEL II Containment Walls creates the wall system for cold or hot aisle chimneys, containment where there are no cabinets, extending offset aisles, and CRAC hoods.

Through our industry experience, Gordon has developed a strong understanding of cus­tomer needs and acquired the resources, support systems and next-level manufacturing technologies that architects, designers, construction contractors, owners, and others need to meet the complex challenges of multiple applications. Gordon is an employee-owned business, and offers solutions for interior, exterior, acoustical, data center, cleanroom, security, and ornamental applications.